Gravediggaz RZA(rector) Face Mask


Handmade mask, 100% cotton, tight weave, silkscreened graphic. It is washable, just dont go too crazy on it. (gentle wash and line dry)


This mask does not block out viruses, it is intended to help slow down the general spread of sickness.


Mask will be shipped 'un-tied'. Buyer will need to tie a one time knot around ear to secure a snug fit around the face. We suggest going to a mirror and taking your time while doing this part to insure fitment and to make sure you dont pull the strings out.


All faces are shaped and sized differently. This is the reason we chose to keep it open ended. Your comfort is top priority.


One size fits all. (based on a standard size adult mask)


We recommend using a medical grade mask under this when traveling to heavier traffic areas. Think of this as a stylish mask cover that provides an additional layer of protection.


Thank you for your support, Stay Safe!!



FHQ.Studio - Gravediggaz RZA(rector) Face Mask